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Lightning Conductor 8" Radius Gauge

Made in USA

This is a must-have tool for lightning rod installers. The angle of any bend shall not be less than 90 degrees and the radius of the bend not less than the 8" per standards UL96A, NFPA780 and LPI-175. This tool is used to ensure proper bends of conductor and lightning rods. Your company logo can be added to the radius gauge for a promotional item. The 8" radius bend is stated in all lightning protection standards.


Eight Inch Radius Tool:

Until now the 8" radius bend of any lightning conductor has been mostly guess work for installers and inspectors. Kuefler Lightning Protection (KLP) now offers this easy to use 8" radius gauge to you for pocket change. KLP uses this radius tool for every installation, assuring proper bends.

Lessons Learned:

On a large defense project and once completed, a clever engineer showed up on the job site for a final sign-off inspection of the Lightning Protection System (LPS). He held in his hand a homemade 8" radius gauge. Using this pocket tool, he began checking bends and found several that did not comply. Surprise... the conformation photos displayed the conductor against an 8" gauge showing the radius fell short of the mark.

A good lesson was learned, one that cost Kuefler Lightning Protection about $3,400.00 for corrections. This handy tool should be used on every LPS, to assure proper installation; and to maintain the integrity of lightning protection codes and standards.

Cost saving bottom line: Retail price is $19.99 each. Because of the low cost, consider this tool ideal as a promotional giveaway item, thus enhancing your sales orders; and more important to save your customers a lot of unnecessary grief.

FYI: Underwriters Laboratories is currently using this essential tool during their field inspections.

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