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Kuefler Lightning Protection (KLP, INC.) is a full service company offering:

• Installation • Material Sales • Free Design • Free Tech Support Thru your Project • All Materials are UL Listed
• A UL Listed Installation Company • LPI Certified Master Installer • NO SALES TAX (except for Missouri)

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Series 0 — Copper and Aluminum Lightning Conductor Cables

class 2 copper conductor

Aluminum Conductors

Series 1 — Air Terminals & Accessories

air terminals

Series 2 — Lightning Rod Bases

Copper and Aluminum Lightning Rod Bases.

Series 3 — Conductor Splicers, Connections and Clamps

conductor  splicers

Series 4 — Bonding Plates and Lugs

bonding plates and lugs

Series 5 — Thru-Walls and Roofs

Thru Walls, Roofs, etc.

Series 6 — Ground Rods, Plates and Accessories

ground rods, plates and accessories

Series 6 — Aircraft Static Grounding & Tie down Anchors

static grounding cable

Series 6 — Bus Bars

Bus Bar

Series 6 — Ground Access Wells

Concrete Ground Access Well

Series 7 — Copper and Aluminum Fasteners


Series 9 — Industrial Stacks

Industrial Stacks

Exothermic Molds and Accessories

exothermic Molds

Surge Protection Devices

surge protector SPDee

Decorative Lightning Rods

Horse Weathervane with Glass Ball