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Kuefler Lightning Protection (KLP, INC.) is a full service company offering:

• Installation • Material Sales • Free Design • Free Tech Support Thru your Project • All Materials are UL Listed • A UL Listed Installation Company • LPI Certified Master Installer • NO SALES TAX (except for Missouri)

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Copper and Aluminum Lightning Conductor Cables

class 2 copper conductor

Aluminum Conductors

Air Terminals & Accessories

air terminals

Lightning Rod Bases

Copper and Aluminum Lightning Rod Bases.

Conductor Splicers, Connections and Clamps

conductor  splicers

Bonding Plates and Lugs

bonding plates and lugs

Thru-Walls and Roofs

Thru Walls, Roofs, etc.

Ground Rods, Plates and Accessories

ground rods, plates and accessories

Aircraft Static Grounding & Tie down Anchors

static grounding cable

Bus Bars

Bus Bar

Ground Access Wells

Concrete Ground Access Well

Copper and Aluminum Fasteners


Industrial Stacks

Industrial Stacks

Exothermic Molds and Accessories

exothermic Molds

Surge Protection Devices

surge protector SPDee

Lightning Protection Tools

8 inch radius gauge
8 inch Radius Gauge

Decorative Lightning Rods

Horse Weathervane with Glass Ball