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clip level

The Clip Level™ Tool

clip level

Made in the USA
Manufactured by Kuefler Lightning Protection
Lifetime Guarantee
A Level With A Clip

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The Clip Levelâ„¢ Features:

A level clip for hands free leveling - clip it on and go • Self-Centering for rod sizes 1/8" to 1 - 1/4" OD • Has a strong magnet • Strong stainless steel spring tension • Two levels for horizontal and vertical use • Can be placed on it's nose for small level • See-through windows to see levels on either side • Hang hole to hang off wall

Uses: A tool for leveling air terminals, conduits, picture frames, curtain rods, a refrigerator magnet clip or chip bag clip. There are hundreds of uses for The Clip Level™ a level with a clip.

Contractors, Home Owners, Arts, Crafts, Hobby, etc. Everyone can use a level clip.