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Lightning Protection for Roofers and Roofing Consultants

Roofing warranty and lightning protection system verification: lightning protection system work cannot begin until the information in this note is verified by from the roofing contractor or roofing manufacturer. Roof mounted lightning protection equipment being adhered or mechanically fastened directly to membrane, shingles, tiles, metal roofing or etc. Any variance or special provisions dictated by roofing manufacturer to maintain roofing warranty to be furnished and installed by roofing contractor (i.e. Additional membrane strips, pavers, flashings, heat welded straps, standing seam clips, adhesive and etc.)

While working on re-roofing projects that have a lightning protection or lightning rod system installed and the lightning protection system must be replaced when the new roof is complete, the system must be installed following the lightning protection standards (LPI-175, NFPA780 and UL 96A). KLP, Inc. recommends contacting us before you start on the re-roofing project to see how we may assist you with technical support, parts, materials, installation standards, 8” Radius Gauge and design drawings (if needed).

"CERTIFICATION" Structures with existing lightning protection systems that are currently certified by UL or LPI and require recertification must be reinstalled to comply with recertification requirements. This can be accomplished by working with KLP, Inc. for guidance and technical support to assure your reroofing project is a success. Below are some of the more common lightning protection products used by roofing contractors.

KLP, Inc. has worked with numerous roofing contractors and roofing consultants on reinstalling lightning rods and materials such as lightning conductor, conductor fasteners, air terminals, air terminal bases, conductor splicers and bonds.

KLP, Inc. has seen in the past roofing contractors throwing back together a lightning protection system and not understanding proper installation techniques. If the system is installed incorrectly and fails during a lightning strike this could lead to costly repairs and liability issues for the roofing contractor or roofing consultant.

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