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Lightning Protection Systems and Equipment
to Protect Your Trees From Lightning

protect trees from lightning

When we think about lightning protection, we usually think of homes, businesses, farms and military installations and hardly ever think about lightning protection for trees. Trees should be considered by an owner for historic, memorial or aesthetic reasons.

It is recommended that you install a lightning protection system with UL Listed lightning protection equipment on trees that have trunks within 10’ of your structure and have a canopy and/or branches extending to a height above the building. Trees do not afford protection from lightning strikes for your home or other buildings and if you have a lightning protection system on your home or other buildings they do not afford protection for your trees. Many people also choose to install lightning protection on trees that are out in the open that animals and people might seek shelter under during a storm; however, it is important to remember that there is NO safe place outside when there is a thunderstorm. You should seek shelter immediately.

Why install lightning protection equipment on your trees? To protect them from damage they could sustain if they are struck by lightning and to give lightning a direct path to ground: thus protecting nearby people and structures from side flashes.

Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or to design a lightning protection system for your trees or structures.

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