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Lightning Resources

Lightning Protection Institute A nationwide org that provides information on lightning safety and establishes guidelines on materials, workmanship and inspections of all certified lightning protection systems.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. is the trusted source for lightning protection product compliance across the globe. Many agencies and consumers rely on the UL mark on products and systems to indicate compliance with internationally recognized Standards for Safety.

Struck by Lightning How to prevent getting struck by lightning and also lightning statistics.

National Fire Protection Association provides information on fire prevention codes and standards that help minimize the possibility of fire.

National Weather Service Lightning Safety provides information on indoor and outdoor risk of lightning strikes.

InspectAPediaLightning Protection Systems Information with building and environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis and repair.

Books on Lightning

Lightning From the Sky Dockside Consultants Art, Books, Engineering and Management Consulting Services. For a non-technical book about lightning, see, "Lightning - Fire from the Sky":

Construction Sites

Millcreek Construction
Millcreek Construction
General contractor specializing in remodeling of residential homes, decks, gazebos and more in Spokane, WA.

R Hughes Construction

R. Hughes Construction Services
A residential and commercial full service construction firm serving the Western US.