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Lightning Rods, Protection in Pennsylvania

In 1752 lightning rods were installed on, what is now, Independence Hall in Philadelphia after Benjamin Franklin invented and tested them. Pennsylvania is the birth place of lightning rods and the father of lightning protection systems.

At 46,055 sq miles, Pennsylvania is the 33th largest state in the US by area and is ranked number 26 for cloud to ground lightning strikes, with an average of 307,045 annually. The state also sees about 10 thunderstorms a year touch down.

KLP, Inc. provides lightning protection design, lightning grounding design, tech support, certification in addition to a full line of UL listed lightning rod parts and lightning conductors. All lightning rod parts and grounding equipment meet or exceed criteria set forth by the NFPA780, the LPI175 and UL96A. We offer complete installation as well as Underwriters' Laboratories Master Label Service and Lightning Protection Institute Certification.

Lightning News: Lightning struck and burned part of the roof of the Callebaut Chocolate Company in Eddystone, PA on September 03, 2014. Firefighters from 5 other townships were called also. The strike was located in a part of the building that wasn't being used so no Chocolate was lost.