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Information on Lightning Protection in Ontario, Canada

With the thunderstorm season peaking in the summer, Ontario averages 34 days of thunderstorms and has the most lightning strikes annually in Canada. On July 15, 2012, 17 people were taken to the hospital after a tent they were eating under was struck by lightning during a food festival about 60 kilometers east of Toronto.

Remember that there is no safe place outdoors during a thunderstorm. If you see a storm approaching you should seek shelter in a substantial building as soon as possible. It is recommended that you wait 30 minutes from the last clap of thunder to resume your outdoor activities.

KLP offers a full line of UL Listed Lightning Protection System Materials that meet or exceed the criteria set forth by UL96A, NFPA 780 and LPI-175. Give us a call today at 800-370-5886 to see how we can assist you in the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of your system.

Lightning News:

June 8, 2015 The fire that resulted from a lightning strike on the roof of a home in New Hamburg, in Southern Ontario, Canada, completely destroyed the home.

September 05, 2014 The attic of a house in Kitchener, Ontario, was set on fire by a lightning strike. It was put out right away by the Kitchener fire department but the strike left a hole in the roof and some roof joints were snapped.