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Information on Lightning Protection in the state of New Jersey

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the United States with 1,189 people per square mile. New Jersey also ranks in the top ten (at number 10) when it comes to lightning related fatalities with 11 reported from 2001-2010.

Lightning rods and lightning protection systems are being installed more frequently to protect sensitive electronic equipment. More and more home owners are also opting to install a lightning rod system on their homes. On 9/15/11, three construction workers in Atlantic City were pouring cement into a form when lightning struck the crane that was pouring the cement. One of the workers was touching the crane and died instantly and two others were injured. Remember, when you can hear thunder, go indoors!

KLP offers a full line of UL Listed Lightning Protection System Materials that meet or exceed the criteria set forth by UL96A, NFPA 780 and LPI-175. Give us a call today at 800-370-5886 to see how we can assist you in the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of your system.

Lightning News

June 25, 2015 Lightning was blamed for an outage of the 911 call center in Woddstown, New Jersey.

June 15, 2015 Two cars were burned due to being hit by electrical wires that were knocked down by a lightning strike in Jersey City, New Jersey.

September 4, 2014 A lightning strike hit a home on Bernardsville mountain, NJ., which resulted in extensive damage to the home causing it to be be uninhabitable even though firefighters from 7 districts were involved in trying to put the blaze out. They were hampered by a lack of fire hydrants in the area.

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