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Lightning Rod Protection in Wisconsin

Averaging 30-40 days of thunderstorms annually, Wisconsin sees a fair share of lightning. The state averages 302,683 cloud to ground strikes annually and reported 6 deaths from lightning in the past 10 years. There are an average of 5.4 strikes per square mile in the state. A University of Wisconsin study reported that 100,000 farm animals are killed annually in Wisconsin due to lightning!

Installing a lightning protection system for your home, farm, ranch or business is the best way to avoid damage and injury due to lightning. More and more farmers and ranchers are installing lightning rods to protect their livestock and farmed goods.

KLP, Inc. provides lightning protection design, lightning grounding design, tech support, certification in addition to a full line of UL listed lightning rod parts and lightning conductors. All lightning rod parts and grounding equipment meet or exceed criteria set forth by the NFPA780, the LPI175 and UL96A. We offer complete installation as well as Underwriters' Laboratories Master Label Service and Lightning Protection Institute Certification.