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Lightning Rod Protection in the State of Minnesota

Minnesota sees just about every form of weather Mother Nature can throw. The state has reported dererchos, tornados and tundergusts. Severe thunderstorms are usually associated with the fore mentioned. The state also sees on average 386,280 cloud to ground lightning strikes annually, which averages to about 4.6 lightning strikes annually per square mile!

In the past 10 years, Minnesota has reported 3 deaths related to lightning. Minnesota ranks it 39th in deaths from lightning in the US. The best way to protect yourself if you do not have a lightning protection system is to remember the Rule of 30. This states, that you should wait 30 minutes from the last clap of thunder to venture back outside. You should seek shelter in a substantial building with the windows closed and you away from them or in a car with a hard top and the windows rolled up.

KLP offers a full line of UL Listed Lightning Protection System Materials that meet or exceed the criteria set forth by UL96A, NFPA 780 and LPI-175. Give us a call today at 800-370-5886 to see how we can assist you in the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of your system.

Lightning News:

June 3, 2015 Lightning struck the roof of a home causing a brief fire in Woodbury, Minnesota. This is the 2nd time a house on this block was struck by lightning in the last few years.

June 14, 2014 The Roosevelt School in St. Cloud, MN., was destroyed after lightning struck the school. The resulting fire was so severe that the building had to be torn down even though several city fire departments responded to the fire.

September 04, 2014 Two restaurants in the small town of Dorset, Minnesota were destroyed by a fire due to a possible lightning strike.

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