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Lightning Protection in Illinois

With an estimated population of 12,830,632, Illinois is the 5th most populous state and the 12th densest state (per square mile). Illinois also sees an average of 51 days of thunderstorms that bring with them a wallop. In a 35 year period, Illinois had 85 lightning related deaths, 275 injuries and 412 damage reports.

Illinois has a very robust economy with manufacturing on the top of the list. Agriculture also has an economical importance to the state and you will see that more and more buildings are getting lightning protection installed by a licensed Lightning Protection Systems Installer to prevent loss from lightning strikes.

KLP, Inc. provides lightning protection design, lightning grounding design, tech support, certification in addition to a full line of UL listed lightning rod parts and lightning conductors. All lightning rod parts and grounding equipment meet or exceed criteria set forth by the NFPA780, the LPI175 and UL96A. We offer complete installation as well as Underwriters' Laboratories Master Label Service and Lightning Protection Institute Certification.

Lightning News: Fire caused by a lightning strike burned down a historic church in Perry, Ill. built in 1871. Due to the fire being in the roof and attic the firefighters couldn't save it as they didn't have an aerial fire truck and the water mains only produced 300 gallons of water a minute.

A Lightning storm in the Chicago area on September, 05, 2014 caused over 100,000 power outages, blew over a wall of Chik-Fil-A restaurant under constructions, as well as knocking down several trees and power lines.