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Lightning Rod Protection in Idaho

At 83,570 square miles, Idaho is the 14th largest state in the US. Idaho averages 81,633 cloud to ground strikes annually, which makes the state see, on average, one strike per square mile annually. Lightning plays an important role in Idaho's forests. Fire is very healthy for forests. Some species of trees actually need fire so they can drop their seeds. Most Forest Service Lookout Towers you find, will have lightning protection installed on them in Idaho.

In a 50 year period (1959-2009), Idaho had 26 deaths due to lightning strikes! That number is enough to put Idaho in the top 20 for lightning related fatalities, population weighed.

KLP offers a full line of UL Listed Lightning Protection System Materials that meet or exceed the criteria set forth by UL96A, NFPA 780 and LPI-175. Give us a call today at 800-370-5886 to see how we can assist you in the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of your system.

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