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Lightning Rod Protection in the State of Florida


Florida is the most lightning-prone area of the country with more severe thunderstorms per year than any other state. Florida experiences more damage to buildings, power lines, fires caused by lightning and the most weather related deaths by lightning than any other state.

The average lightning strike insurance claim in the state of Florida is $3,100 per claim! By installing lightning protection on your structure, you are protecting it from the damaging effects that are caused by lightning. These can include: fire, electrical surges (resulting in damaging electronics), damages electrical wiring and possibly even death.

KLP offers a full line of UL Listed Lightning Protection System Materials that meet or exceed the criteria set forth by UL96A, NFPA 780 and LPI-175. Give us a call today at 800-370-5886 to see how we can assist you in the design, installation, maintenance and inspection of your system.

Lightning News:

June 24, 2015 Lightning was blamed for starting a fire to a home in Cape Coral, Florida which drew attention to the owner's marijuana plants.

June 24, 2015 Lightning took out the power to a substation in Green Cove Springs, as well as a backup generator, putting residents in the dark for over 7 hours.

June 24, 2015 A fire at the Clearwater Airpark, Florida, was blamed on lightning. It damaged a shed and which was next to 10,000 gallon fuel tanks, but the fire was put out quickly.

June 23, 2015 Lightning was the cause of a fire that burned down a home in Seminole County, Florida.

June 22, 2015 Lightning stuck a $4 million mansion in Naples Florida which caused a large fire in the attic and collapsed part of the roof.

June 20, 2015 Lightning was blamed for a boat catching on fire in Cape Coral, FL. The boat was destroyed by the flames.

November 25, 2014: A lightning strike hit and burned a clubhouse at the Cedars Tennis and Fitness Club, a luxury tennis club, on Longboat Key, Florida.

September 15, 2014: Lightning strikes damaged three homes within 14 minutes around Walton, FL. Crews from 5 fire districts fought the blazes. Meteorologists reported more than 1,000 lightning strikes within 30 minutes.

September 03, 2014: Lightning blew out the stadium lights at the Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FLA., during a game between the Blue Jays and the Rays.

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